Why Ochre & Green Safaris

Personalized touch

Akshay will personally curate your safari. He will join you on your tour and will bring the jungle to life through his experience of the wild and his stories. 

Not just for photographers

We welcome non-photographers, too, and anyone who loves the jungle for that matter.

Expert guides

Our robust network of local guides and safari drivers give you the best possible chance of having your dream sighting.

Sound advice

Seasons and destinations are important for getting a proper sighting. We know when to go and where to go.

Not only about tigers

Tell us about your target wildlife species and we can absolutely cater to your unique requirements.

Avoid the crowd

We conduct a majority of our tours on weekdays, with the explicit objective of avoiding an overcrowded jungle on weekends

Bespoke safari experience

We cater to small groups, preferably of group sizes 1-4, meaning your wildlife experience will be as customized as it can get.

Premium experience

We will make the very best arrangements for your safari tour. Our only expectation is that you sit back and enjoy.

Wild Sightings