‘Magic is the science of the jungle.’

Carl Jung

The jungle, with its myriad sights, sounds and smells is an immersive experience. It not only inspires awe, but also fills one with an abiding sense of peace. Our sole purpose at Ochre & Green Safaris is to elevate this experience for you across different destinations.

Wildlife in India instinctively brings to mind images of Sher Khan from Jungle Book, but the Greater One-horned Rhinoceros, the Sarus Crane, the Lion-tailed Macaque, the Wild Ass and much more are all equally part of the country’s incredible biodiversity. They are waiting to be discovered in their unique, stunning habitats. And of course, the Royal Bengal Tiger is very much the jewel in the crown that needs to be seen to be believed.

Allow Ochre & Green Safaris to introduce you to the wide variety of bird and animal species in this part of the world with all kinds of tales from the wild.  Come, partake in this journey filled with adventure and stories that create memories for a lifetime.

Ochre & Green Safaris

The man behind Ochre & Green Safaris is Akshay Manwani, a passionate wildlife enthusiast. Akshay’s singular ambition is to share his own experiences about the wild with as many people as he can.

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"A first-time safari-goer, I neither had knowledge of the jungle nor any expectations from it, other than having a peaceful time in nature. But after three days and six safaris under Akshay’s thoughtful ‘guidance’, I too started to feel like a pro! Thanks to Ochre & Green Safaris, I could drop the camera and feel the beauty and power of the tiger, when I came face to face with ‘Shakti’! A truly transformative experience."

Naveen Pandita (Corporate Filmmaker)