Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee a tiger (or target species) sighting?

No. The only rule about the jungle is that nothing is guaranteed. But yes, our experience of the wild at Ochre & Green Safaris gives our clients the best opportunity to have a sighting.

Do I get a refund in case I don’t get a sighting?

Unfortunately, no. We spend quite a bit of money on making the safari bookings and hiring the best drivers and guides on the ground. This is about livelihoods, but please stay assured that everyone works towards our clients getting a sighting.

Can I bring my child/children to the safari?

Ochre & Green Safaris is open to everyone who loves nature. However, we wouldn’t recommend travelling with very young children (below the age of six), since the safari can sometimes be a daunting experience, especially in the Indian summer.

How fit should I be for my safari tour?

Generally, a very high level of fitness isn’t required for the tiger tours since you will be looking for tigers while travelling in a safari vehicle. 

However, if you have sought our services for a birding tour, that may require moderate to high fitness levels, depending on which location we are travelling to.

What is the weather likely to be when I visit?

The winter months in India, between November to February, can be quite cold in the jungle, between 05 and 15 degrees celsius. We certainly recommend a minimum of two-three layers of clothing to keep you warm and comfortable.

The summer months from mid-March to end-May can be quite hot, with temperatures rising as high as plus-40 degrees celsius. Linen or cotton clothing would be your best bet for such climate.

What are the items that I must carry on my visit?

Sunscreen and mosquito repellant are a must. You should carry sunglasses, hats, caps and scarves that would keep the dust from getting to your skin and hair. If you have a pair of binoculars, do carry them as well. If you are into photography, please carry waterproof cover for your camera.

What is your cancellation policy?

We can share this with you over email.

Should I get travel insurance?

Yes, it is highly recommended that you obtain travel insurance to cover any exigencies.

In case you have any other specific queries, please write in to us at ogsafaris@gmail.com
You can even WhatsApp us at +91 - 913 760 8779 and we
will be happy to answer your questions.